Media Statement – Crane Incident at Smeaton Grange

Friday December 20, 2019


Reds Global is pleased to report that demolition work at the Smeaton Grange construction site was completed last week, 12 days after the tower crane collapsed, although repairs to the site continues.

The removal of the crane was conducted in three stages with some elements being particularly challenging and technical. All three stages were executed safely and well with the close cooperation of the many parties involved.

A SafeWork NSW investigation into the incident is continuing. Once again, we thank all our employees, clients and supporters for the many messages of concern and care that we’ve received during this time.

Monday December 9, 2019


Phase 1 of the demolition of the tower crane was completed on Saturday, December 7, with 55 metres of jib section cut and removed with the aid of a 47-tonne excavator, knuckle boom lift and 400-tonne mobile crane with luffing fly.

Saturday was a success, but our attention now draws to phase 2, the removal of the counter-jib and concrete boom pump which is leaning up against the mast sections. Phase 2 is more complex in nature and will require Reds Global, the site, demolition contractor, mobile crane contractor, various engineers and other regulatory bodies to collaborate and safely execute. Due to this complexity it will likely be a number of days before we can close out phase 2.

Meanwhile, the SafeWork NSW investigation continues and we will provide updates on this when appropriate.

Friday 6th December at 8:30

Work on clearing the crane from the Smeaton Grange site has been experiencing delays due to the level of bushfire haze that’s currently blanketing Sydney. We are eager to get working but the conditions are against us. Forecasts suggest this may continue to be the case for the next couple days.

Over the past few days Reds Global has reached out to our other clients, offering inspections of installed tower cranes. These have now been completed and as expected, there are no issues to report.

Tuesday, December 3rd

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Monday, December 2nd at 2:00pm

Yesterday afternoon a tower crane under Reds Global’s control had partially collapsed on a construction site at Smeaton Grange. Our management team were on site until late last night, and the team is there again today, discussing the next steps. At this stage, access to the affected areas are restricted as we establish a safe methodology to remove the crane. There are many different stakeholders working together and as such, it will likely be a lengthy process. While it is too early to determine a cause, we can confirm that the issue is limited to this model of crane and we do not manage any other units of this model. As more information is available we will continue to update on our company website and Facebook.

Sunday December 1, 2019 – 5:55pm

Earlier today, crane rental company Reds Global was informed that one of its tower cranes had partially collapsed on a construction site in Smeaton Grange.

The site was closed at the time and Reds Global understands that no one has been injured in the incident.

Reds Global management is on site, to assess the damage and begin an immediate investigation.

Further updates will be posted when available.