This program is for use by new employees, current employees, and subcontractors. Please read the following information carefully before proceeding to the induction.

You must register your personal/business details before gaining access to the program. The induction you complete depends on the nature of your business with Reds Global.

There are two types of inductions, both take approximately 20 – 30 minutes to complete:

  1. Employee Induction: for personnel employed by Reds Global on casual and full time basis.
  2. Subcontractor Induction: for personnel employed by Reds Global on subcontract basis. 

Each online induction program comprises of several modules you can listen to, followed by a series of multiple choice questions, which you will be required to complete.

The online induction can be conducted by two options:

  1. Using computer desktop or laptop – you will need access to a scanner to copy your IDs or to have digital copies of your tickets and forms in PDF format ready to be uploaded onto the system. (Uploading your current tickets is MANDANTORY).
  2. Using your iPhone or Android phone – you will need to download from iTunes or the Google Play App Store – Online induction app. Mobile version does not require scanner nor PDF copies as you are able to use phones camera to upload the required ID’s/tickets. CLICK HERE to download the app. 

    Once you have downloaded the app you will need to Register an account. When filling out your registration details you will need to put “redsoi” in the Company inducted for field. Once you have registered in the app you can log in, select your induction type and complete your induction. Please note that if you have previously registered your account via a PC you will not be able to finish your induction on the app. Accounts registered from the app can complete their inductions via PC or app however.

Note for either option above, if Reds Global doesn’t receive colour copies of your ID’s and tickets, you will not be permitted to commence work until these are received and approved.

In the event that the Inductee is unsuccessful in passing, the Inductee is required to complete the induction training again until successfully completed.

Online Induction

Disclaimer: Reds Global reserves the right to request health information from the applicant prior to entering into employment arrangement with the company. If required employees will be asked to undergo full medical assessment with Reds Global’s preferable medical centre (Reds Global will cover the cost of the medicals). If information provided to Reds Global prior or during employment is found to be false or misleading, the process of employment will cease and will result in immediate termination of employment.

On successful completion of the Induction you are able to print your certificate.

I agree to the above terms and conditions

Queries regarding the induction should be directed to the Safety Officer on 1300 944 381 or via email:



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