Lucent, North Sydney

Lucent North Sydney
Lucent North Sydney
Lucent North Sydney
Client: Richard Crookes Constructions
Project: Lucent Apartments
Location: North Sydney
Date: February 2015 – April 2016
Crane: Comedil CTL340 with 40m Jib
Personnel: Reds Global 3 man crane crew


Reds Global specialises in solutions for large site requirements, with a range of luffers and flat top cranes available for hire.

Our crane range includes capacity for lifting over 24 tonne and providing a reach of up to 60m radius.

Greater efficiencies are delivered to your project, with our reliable and experienced service teams, technicians and the latest equipment technology. By providing  our clients with the latest equipment we can provide faster lifting speeds and increased productivity.

We provide the equipment and experienced personnel to achieve complex setups including jumping, climbing and tieing on larger sites. We supply a range of options for auxiliary equipment including big lifting gear, loading platforms and spreader bars.

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